We can’t begin to express our appreciation for the care and concern you gave to Harley. We always felt you cared for and loved him like we did. He really was special, wasn’t he Of course, we will never forget him both the good times and his struggles when he got so sick. We will also never forget you all!

Our heartfelt regret is that...
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With fondness and gratitude,
Sally and Cruz Navarette


A Place for Healing

Best friends come in all shapes, sizes, colors and breeds. And, while we may not be your best friend (yet), we want you to know that if your pet requires specialized veterinary care, we will not only act as the medical professionals you expect, but also serve as your pet's best friend while in our care.


Like many of you, we love all animals, and feel privileged to care for them. That close bond, however, can cause us to feel quite anxious when our pet is not in optimum health. So, pet parent or primary care veterinarian, our commitment is to provide you with information and timely communication direct from the source, always delivered with a heaping dose of personal attention. After all, we are a small internal medicine and surgery practice with exceptional experience, but even bigger hearts.