We like sharing stories of special patients submitted by some of our clients. Here you can read about their experiences with PVS.


If you would like to submit a story of your own, we’d love to hear from you. Please send it along with a picture of your pet to: info@pasadenavetspecialists.com.


Dear Dr. Yau and Dr. Mott and Staff,

We thank you for your kindness and comfort during a most difficult time. We loved Hugo so much and miss him terribly! Dr. Yau and Dr. Mott and your support team are all exceptional. We appreciate your skills and your caring way. We shall always remember and be grateful.

The Suzukis


To whom it may concern,

On December 5th, 2007, Dr. Mott received my wife, myself, and our cat Piggy. It was perhaps the worst type of visit that one can endure. Unfortunately, Piggy did not make it out of the office that day.

Please do not mistake this letter for one in which a client complains. My wife and I have grieved immensely for our loss. This was not of our or Dr. Mott’s doing though. In fact, Dr. Mott’s thorough explanation and bedside manner were only the icing on the cake so to speak, because of the professionalism by your staff, from the janitor on up. Your courtesy, understanding, and patience are the true reason for this letter. Our personal commendation should find its way to everyone on duty that day. You are a credit to your profession. Thank you.

The Morgans

Mr. Paws

Dear Dr. Mott,

Words cannot express my appreciation for all you have done for Mr. Paws and me for the last year and a half. From the moment we met you, I knew Paws was in the best hands possible. You were able to give Mr. Paws an additional year and a half of quality life and he in turn, gave me an additional year and a half of love and companionship, which was absolutely priceless.

You and your staff are the very best and I will never forget all that you did for us.

Gerald D. Harrison


To all of the hospital and specialty staff,

Please accept our thanks for the care and support you have shown to our precious wiener dog Heidi. Na matter what the outcome, please know how important each of you are to the animals and families you care for! You are a great staff!

With love,
Heidi’s family – Kevin, Judy, Colleen, and Tom Downes


Dear Dr. Mott,

Thank you for everything you did for Chelsea and me these past few years. I truly believe she would not have lived as long—or as fully—without the care and kindness of you and your wonderful staff.

I hope you know how much I appreciated your unwavering commitment to putting her quality of life as the first and foremost consideration in any treatment you recommended.

Please be assured that her last week was a good one, and there were no visible indications of what was to come. She was the same feisty, opinionated and loving cat you’ve come to know so well.

Thank you again,
Linda Johnson


To the Doctors and Staff,

We can’t begin to express our appreciation for the care and concern you gave to Harley. We always felt you cared for and loved him like we did. He really was special, wasn’t he? Of course, we will never forget him both the good times and his struggles when he got so sick. We will also never forget you all!

Our heartfelt regret is that we did not spend Harley’s final moments as your clinic where he was loved. At the time, we were just too distraught to drive.

With fondness and gratitude,
Sally and Cruz Navarette


Dear Dr. Mott and Staff,

Your kind words regarding the loss of our beloved dog Winston mean more that you can ever know. Thank you for giving us the additional week we had with him. You said I would know when it was time to let him go and you were right. I was just hoping for more time. We are still missing him so very much. He was very brave and a wonderful friend.

With our warm regards,
Diane, Dave, Ryan, and Stephanie Sweeney


Dear Dr. Mott,

I wanted to thank you and your staff for the kind and caring service you provided to me and my Bonzo.

Bonzo was a very big part of my life and I miss him dearly. I really appreciated how kind you and your wonderful staff treated both of us. You are what I call a true doctor of veterinary medicine.

Thank you,
Stephanie Carey


Dear Dr. Mott,

In '98, you saved Foster's life when he was accidently poisoned. I just wanted to send you a note thanking you for giving us an extra 11 years and 5 months with Foster. I have thought of you often over the years and was always grateful to you for saving him. He always got an extra hug a kiss when I would think about what almost happened. He got a lot of those hugs and kisses!

Thank you for what you do and thank you for dedicating your career to help animals. We will never forget what you did for us!

Dan and Marie Bruno


To Dr. Mott, Dr. Yau, and all the wonderful staff at Pasadena Veterinary Specialists,

We just want to extend our most heartfelt thanks to all of you for the extraordinary care you have given Bindi over the past few months. The professionalism and dedication to your work is so evident.

We are forever grateful for the quality of life you gave her. We were still able to take short car trips with her as recently as two weeks ago in Ventura for three nights; and we have great memories.

Her untimely passing is unbearably difficult. But I am so proud of her beautiful spirit and her ability to warm people’s hearts at a glance. Thank you for letting us enjoy her life to the fullest.

In best regards,
Steve and Cindy Swenson


My Dear Dr. Mott and Staff,

We wish to thank you for your wonderful care of our little/big guy "Murphy". We truly believe that we would not have had him as long as we did without the treatment program he was on and for that there are no words except thank you!

To your staff, please do not ever feel you go unnoticed for you do not. Every time we went in for an appointment, we, I should say Murphy was treated, with a caring attitude. His tail always wagged and that’s a huge compliment from a little creature. Your written words on the card to us were precious. So a big thank you to you all and keep up showing and feeling the love.

Dick and Judy Brehme


Dear Dr. Mott, Dr. Yau, and All Your Staff,

What a lovely note from you for our wonderful Katie! We loved her dearly and so appreciate the care you took with her. We got 5 bonus months after her initial cancer diagnosis and spent them well together. We will love Katie forever, and we will always remember your compassion and caring and the treats!

Thank you so much,
Karen and Marge Klages